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Proactive Garage Door Tips

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Proactive Garage Door Tips

Solutions to many common problems in our helpful tips section!

Our expert team is always ready when you need help with your home's garage door. But when you have a question or simply need some quick advice, scroll down to our new tips section for solutions to many common problems!

Use varnish instead of paint to accentuate the details

If you want something different than a solid coat of paint for your wooden garage door, you might consider using varnish or some type of glazing. These solutions are transparent, so they can protect the surface of the wooden panels while showing off their natural markings and their design.

Don't try to mess with your opener sensors

If your electric garage door opener seems to be acting up and keeps reversing your door's operation, the safety sensors may be at fault. This type of problem can happen if their lenses are dirty or scratched, or if they become misaligned. Because these are very delicate components, it's better to let an expert handle them rather than trying to do anything by yourself.

How to avoid unnecessary garage door repairs

The best way to avoid a lot of costly repairs and potentially dangerous accidents is to make sure your garage door is properly maintained on a regular basis. This includes a complete inspection, spring and roller lubrication and opener safety sensor testing, to name a few crucial tasks that must be regularly performed. Our regular maintenance service can take care of that for you.

Avoiding injuries from garage door springs

Our garage door experts always advice against trying to perform any spring repair, replacement or adjustment by yourself. This is to avoid getting seriously injured by these important yet dangerous components. Since they are under so much tension on a regular basis, any mishandling can have catastrophic results.


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