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Popular Garage Door FAQs

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Popular Garage Door FAQs

Our garage door repair technicians can take care of any problem you're dealing with. If you have a question and you want a professional to answer it, check out our informative FAQs below.

Why does my door make a grinding sound?

If your garage door is making a grinding noise, there is definitely something wrong. The tracks will usually be at fault, as odds are the sound is created when the door rollers are physically grinding against some bent sections. Call our technicians to get this problem quickly fixed. Don't let your door to get off track.

How can I check if my door is unbalanced?

If you manually open your garage door halfway and it doesn't stay in place, but instead drops down or keeps rising a little, then it's not properly balanced. The springs will usually need to be adjusted if something like this happens. Give our team a call to get this done safely.

What makes my door too noisy and heavy to lift?

This may be due to worn or broken springs. These components support and counterbalance the weight of the panels, and without them, you won't be able to use the door. Regular lubrication and adjustment can help them stay efficient and reduce their wear and tear, but some problems are inevitable. Our technicians can replace your springs safely, as well as examine the rollers, cables, and tracks to make sure they are also in a good working condition.

Why is the chain of my opener drive-system loose?

This may be due to a broken chain sprocket or excessive pull from the opener. Luckily, the chain can be tightened and adjusted and doesn't necessarily need to be replaced. However, dealing with this problem should be left to the experts. Give our team a call to have our technicians come and help you out.


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