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Hope you know about the great contractor/company for garage door in Delray Beach. This is Garage Door Repair Delray Beach. We are a company that can do any type o service regarding garage doors. This is everything that has to do with garage door troubleshooting to installations. One of our favorite services is with our Garage Door Replacement /Installation service. What is this service? This is where our garage door contractors would come out to your garage and either replace or install a garage door. We also can replace garage door windows. Our company has garage doors for you to choose from. We have garage door made of wood, Craftsman, Steel and aluminum. We also have garage doors made of glass. These are the new age garage door. You will not find a garage door more modern then this one.Garage Door Installation

Garage door springs are parts that go on either side of the top of your garage door

These are what keep the garage door from crashing down. These are parts that can really hurt someone if they snap when you are trying to replace them. This is why you should always call us at Garage Door Repair in Delray Beach to install or replace these springs.

*    Torsion springs - Heavy garage doors need these.

*    Extension springs - Light garage doors need these

*   Galvanized springs – Can be both extension and torsion and are strongly bonded by a reaction which combines iron and zinc.

Garage door openers are another special service that we perform at Garage Door Repair in Delray Beach. Our garage door company carries only the best in openers. We have Genie, Sears, Liftmaster, Craftsman, Chamberlain, Marantec garage door openers. There is no such thing as a small garage door opener. They are all big and this makes them hard to install. If you allow our garage door company to install them you can be assured that it will be installed fast and correctly. You could have one of these:

*    Chain Drive- Most inexpensive but most noisy and most common.

*    Screw Drive- Costs a little more and noises a little less

*    Belt Drive- The one that makes the least sound but cost most.

We have garage door remotes to go along with the openers. We have the following brands of openers:

*    Genie Intellicode
*    Liftmaster Security +
*    Clicker
*    Multi Code 

What is the best way that you can take great care of your garage door? By using our service for Adjustment/maintenance of garage doors you can prolong the life of your garage door. This is a service where one of our garage door contractors will come out and do a complete inspection of your garage door. We will check over every part. If there is a problem we will repair it. Our Garage Door Repair in Delray Beach will also do regularly maintenance lubrication.

Garage door repairs are a specialty of ours at our garage door company can do every repair that can possibly come up on your garage door. We are all extensively trained to handle any of these repairs. We want our customers to know that not only can we do garage door repairs but we also can do them with the highest quality of work. These are some issues you may be having:

*    Door of the garage dispatched from the track

*    Emergency release has been broken

*    Section of the garage door needs replacement

*    Rubber at the bottom of the garage door

*    Weather strip

Tracks and cables of garage door are another area that we are well trained in. We know how important these cables & tracks are to your garage door so we want to make sure that we will help you to take care of them right. There are several things that may go wrong with your garage door over times

*    Cable snapped

*    Replace track of the garage

*    Cable loose

*    Repair track of the door that has been bent

*    Cable of the door dispatched from the drum

*    Cable of the door that has been broken

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