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Track Replacement | Boca Raton | Garage Door Repair Delray Beach

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mrs. Henry called us to check out her garage door when she noticed that it moved much slower than before.
Our Solution: We went over Mrs. Henry’s garage door and found that the track seemed to be broken due to wear and tear occurring over the years. Our technicians disconnected the opener and removed the garage door from the tracks to move it safely out of the way before further examinations occurred. We removed the left garage door track after determining it couldn’t be repaired, and replaced it.

Dana Henry - Boca Raton
Opener Installation | Golf | Garage Door Repair Delray Beach

Garage Door Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Mr. Gamp removed his own old garage door opener, but needed us to procure and install its replacement.
Our Solution: Our Genie ChainMax1000 unit made its way into the customer’s garage as soon as he was available to slot us in. This unit was slightly bigger than his last opener, so some adjustment of the mounting was required, but the installation went smoothly aside from that.

Scott Gamp - Golf
Panel Replacement Next To Delray Beach FL

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: Cracked door panel.
Our Solution: Our experts disconnected the door from the opener for safety before unscrewing the damaged panel from the door to remove it. A new panel of the appropriate size and color was then installed into place.

Jodi Morales - High Point
Opener Installation | Garage Door Repair Delray Beach, FL

Opener Installation

Customer Issue: Needed replacement opener.
Our Solution: Our technician recommended a heavy-duty Chamberlain 1-1/4 HP opener model B970 because of the weight of the customer’s wooden door. We replaced the old opener and ran a complete maintenance check to be sure the opener and door were working properly.

Nicole Welch - Delray Beach
Opener Repair | Garage Door Repair Delray Beach FL

Opener Repair

Customer Issue: Broken door opener.
Our Solution: Our technician examined the opener and discovered the circuit board had suffered an electrical surge. He replaced the board and made sure all fittings were tight, then lubed and tested the door for proper operation.

Russell Phillips - Kings Point
Spring Replacement | Garage Door Repair Delray Beach, FL

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Richard’s garage door had a broken torsion spring.
Our Solution: We took out the rest of the spring and replaced it. We then tightened all sections and balanced the door to make sure it was working correctly.

Andy Richards - Delray Beach

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